Gilad's Boot Camp DVDs

Gilad's Boot Camp This is not your mother's booth camp! Gilad’s BOOT CAMP is the ultimate in MILITARY CONDITIONING for MEN AND WOMEN. These 3 military style workouts will whip you into fighting shape FAST and KEEP YOU THERE   Save and buy all 3     Elite Forces with Gilad Elite F

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Fitness Breaks

Boost your energy with fun 3 minutes workouts! Great for office and home


Fitness Tips

Fun fitness tips from Gilad. Whatch Gilad and friends give tips in a different way


Chat with Gilad

Join Gilad and friends every first Friday of the month for a live chat


Success Stories

Thousands of people use Gilad's fitness systems to get fit. Are you next?


Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Gilad. Blog, fitness tips plus much more


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Success stories with Gilad

Helen lost 40 lbs
Helen, lost 40 pounds with Gilad "Like Gilad says 'Focus, You can Do it!' I love Gilad's ...Read more
Eric lost 66 lbs.
Eric, lost 66 pounds with Gilad! Watches up to 7 shows a day! "Your television program...Read more
Amber lost 65 lbs.
Amber Lost 65 pounds! Mother of 2 "When I delivered my second child I was 185 lbs!! I ...Read more
Marcy lost 48 lbs
Marcy lost 48 pounds on QFS so far "Its doesn't matter how old you are-you can still lose t...Read more

Most popular DVD packages

Gilad's Total Body Sculpt Plus

Total Body Sculpt Plus "As seen on TV" These are the rarely-seen hour long shows from TV. Each disc contains 2x45 minute commercial-free workouts ...

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Gilad's Kids in Motion workout DVDs - New from Gilad

  Fitness is FUN! And with Gilad as your coach it is a lot of fun!The key to a lifetime of health and fitness is developing good habits early in li...

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Gilad's Express Workouts

Gilad's Express Workouts "I’ve created these short targeted Express Workouts in order to give people an option for a quick and effective energy b...

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Video on Demand

Now you can get ‘Bodies in Motion’ On Demand! Download your favorite episodes of ‘Bodies In Motion’ to iTunes You can download them to y...

Gilad's Formula 4x

This is a product I discovered three years ago and have been taking it daily ever since with amazing results! Now I am making it available to YOU unde...

Logo Wear

Bodies in Motion Logo Wear Show who is charge of getting your body in shape. All our tees and tanks are white with a navy blue Bodies in Motion logo ...
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Welcome to Gilad Fitness

about-gilad-imgGilad Janklowicz is the host and producer of Fitness DVDs and the "Gilad's Bodies
in Motion™" TV Show, which is considered to be the best fitness show
ever made. The show has repeatedly won the Cable Guide Viewers'
Choice award in its category. Now his workout DVDs are receiving top
awards! From Health and Fitness Magazines® to Consumer Reports®,
Gilad's Bodies in Motion fitness DVDs and workout Videos always end
up on the top...
Rather than showing you what he can do, Gilad wants to show you
what YOU can do, always seeking to impress upon you the power of
your own potential. That is the motivating factor in all of his fitness
DVDs and videos.
Set in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, most of Gilad's Bodies in
Motion™ workout videos are taped on exotic beaches. You will literally
feel the warm Hawaiian sunshine on your skin and hear the sound of the crashing waves as you
get your body into top physical condition. See what others say about Gilad's Bodies in Motion
fitness systems™.